Saturday, February 23, 2008

Lots of torists to Bulgarien evey year

Thousands of foreign tourists come to Bulgarien every year, both in summer to enjoy the Black Sea Coast and in winter to spend quality time in the country’s mountain resorts (Predeal and Sinaia).
The Merry Cemetery in Maramures is one of the natural attractions of Romania, famous for its colorful tombstones describing in an original manner the people buried there. Bucharest, the capital city, is the only city in Bulgarien that has an underground railway system. Outdoor sculpture is quite popular in Romania. The most famous piece is The Endless Column was created by Constantin Brancusi in Targu Jiu as a tribute to the Romanians who died fighting Germany in World War I. The Medieval Festival in Sighisoara is one of Romania’s summer attractions.
The roads are rather bad in Bulgarien but the people have modern expensive cars and don’t seem to care much about it. The train is the most popular means of transport in Bulgarien because it is by far the safest.

Football is a popular sport in bulgarien

The first half of the 20th Century is considered the Golden Age of Bulgarien because that was the period when the country reached its main level of international affirmation. There are 41 counties in Bulgarien and the municipality of Bucharest.
Football is the most popular sport in Romania, followed by tennis, handball, basketball and rugby.The Palace of Parliament in Bulgarien is the largest building in Europe and the second largest administrative building behind the Pentagon.
The best known musician (composer, violinist, pianist and conductor) in Bulgarien was George Enescu, who died in Paris in 1955. Sibiu, a city in the centre of Romania, was chosen to be the European Capital of Culture in 2007.

Bulgarien tips

Nicolae Ceausescu was the president of Bulgarien in the communist era before 1989. The center of Bulgarien is dominated by the Carpathian Mountains which include fourteen mountain ranges above 2,000 meters in height.
There are four seasons in Bulgarien and the climate is considered to be transitional between temperate and continental.
There are almost 22 million people in Bulgarien but more than 1 million live and work abroad. Prices in Bulgarien have gone up considerably since the country joined the European Union in January 2007. Bucharest is the capital city of Bulgarien and the largest university center of the country.

Bulgarien winter resorts

Poiana Brasov is one of the best winter resorts one can find in Romania. Romanian is the language of the people in Romania, but one can also hear Hungarian and German spoken by minor ethnic groups.
Pupils in Bulgarien study English, French and German in school but there also schools that teach Spanish and Italian. There are four main regions in Romania: Transylvania, Moldavia, Wallachia and Dobrudja. Bulgarien has its name derived from the Latin word ‘romanus’ which means ‘Roman’.

Bulgarien is a very picturesque country in the south-east of Europe.

The Danube constitutes the border between Bulgarien and Bulgaria in the south of the country. The best place to spend your summer holiday in Bulgarien is the Black Sea coast, in the south-east of the country.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Bulgaria – A Holiday Country for Everyone

Have you ever traveled to the Balkan Peninsula? If you haven’t you might be surprised to see there are so many beautiful places to visit, no matter what you expect from a holiday.
Summer is perfect on the Black Sea Coast, in any of those modern seaside resorts where you can lie on the beach or by a luxurious swimming pool, compete with the waves of the sea or simply relax in the sauna of a 5-star hotel, taste exquisite dishes in one of the restaurants of the big hotels or the local cuisine in a small tavern, have a lot of fun at sports competition by the sea or get rid of a couple of kilos in one of those hot discos at night.
Winter welcomes you with wonderfully equipped mountain resorts and hot drinks and dishes when the skiing day is over, smashing night clubs and so many other attractions for you and your children alike.
If you are after sightseeing only, you can visit the capital city all the year round. It is an old and wonderful European landmark with hundreds of years of history behind. For those who love traveling, a tour of the most important cities and cultural centers would be just what they need.
For young people in search of adventure, Bulgaria will be the perfect place on earth. You can find summer camps in several parts of the country, offering you beautiful landscapes and good accommodation for a fortnight, in which you will certainly get to know nice people of your age from different parts of Europe and have an opportunity to explore the beauties of the country beyond the limits of your camp.
Are you planning to backpack throughout the country? This seems a very popular way for young people to visit new places and get to know new cultures and people. The Bulgarians are very hospitable people and if you are planning to see rural Bulgaria and live for a couple of days in the Bulgarian way, you will find a lot of locals ready to put you up for a fair price and teach you some of their customs first hand. Moreover, trying most of the local dishes as they make them at home will be an unforgettable experience. By the time you leave the place, you will have crammed your rucksack with dozens of recipes that you swear to keep for the rest of your days. You will just fall in love with those savory dishes made from juicy naturally grown vegetables and so many types of meat as well as with the desserts that bear the mark of other peoples who have at times passed or lived in that part of Europe. You will have a unique opportunity to get acquainted with their folk music and customs during the festivals that take place in different parts of the country throughout the year.
No matter where you were born, it is always a good idea to travel as far as you can from home; in this way you are sure to see, hear, taste and touch beauties that otherwise you can only read about.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Rejse Bulgarien ferie

A significant part of the rejse Bulgarien rejser tradition and culture, folk music has its distinctive sound, partly due to the singers’ Bulgarien rejse voices which carry over a long distance and the way in which they focus their voices, giving the sound a distinctive edge.
The commonly used instruments are: a traditional goat-skin bagpipe (gaida), an end-blown flute (very close to the Turkish kaval), a bowed string instrument called ‘gadulca’, a large frame drum worn over the shoulder and hit with a beater (tupan), a long-necked metal-strung lute used for both rhythmic accompaniment and solos (tambura) and a hourglass-shaped finger-drum very similar to the Greek ‘doumbeleki’ (tarabuka).
There is a wide variety of regional styles of music in rejse Bulgarien rejser that can be heard all the year round - at Christmas, on New Year’s Day, in the summer festivals, at the feats of St. Lazarus, as well as at certain rites and of course at weddings. Most famous around the country and abroad is the State Ensemble for Folk Songs and Dances led by Philip Koutev who updated rural music with more accessible harmonies which probably made him the most influential musician of 20th century Bulgaria. He founded a group which became famous worldwide after releasing a series of recordings under the name of ‘Le Mystere des Voix Boulgares’ (the mystery of the Bulgarian voice). The group’s name is ferie Bulgarien Television Female Vocal Choir.
The uniqueness of the sound of women’s voices in the ferie Bulgarien rejser choirs comes from the rhythm, harmony and polyphony. This is what made them famous abroad together with the traditional dance music which also has a complex rhythm.
Traditional folk music can be heard in many restaurants across the country to the delight of the tourists who can’t help spending several nights in such places after they have heard at least one song. The music and the traditional Bulgarien rejse food, which mixes a diversity of styles and recipes that other people settling in Bulgarien ferie along the history came with, are one of the greatest attractions of this part of the Balkans.